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Creating a website

A website is your most effective sales and marketing tool
Your website must be carefully planned and implemented to support your sales strategy, so that your business will exceed growth goals.


Vortika builds attention grabbing websites and blogs that:


  • Build credibilty
  • Speak to your clients targets
  • Easily updated by the client, with no Tech or Html knowledge
  • Create brand awareness and the company’s market vision
  • Convert Visitors into Qualified Leads
  • Provide useful marketing data with defined analysis tools to understand a valid ROI
Selections of Website Options
    It’s a website that calls the user to an action. These actions may be the download of a document, filling out a survey, an information request, printing out an offer, creating an event, arranging a meeting or any other activity that will move the end user to a qualified lead and close the sale.
    The website transforms a visitor into a qualified lead. A lead generation website persuades the end user to express interest to buy products or services. The final result might be filling out a contact form, a phone call, or even a sales meeting.  Our websites are designed to create qualified leads while managing and checking lead conversion on a monthly basis.
    This kind of websites must be ever-growing. All successful websites like Amazon.com are always and constantly updated.  An effective e-commerce site must get traffic, convert traffic to clients, trace and measure return of the investment, apply the standard A/B and multi-variable tests to enhance conversions and sales.  Moreover a websites requires a solid email marketing strategy based on all emails collected through specific forms. Building a website with all these features requires lot of time and skills, but it really pays off.
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